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The Captain's Lady 

When a determined heiress tries to convince a reluctant captain to stay invested in her bank, she risks losing everything, including her heart. 

Lucy Brook is desperate. With two measly weeks to save her bank, she chases her wealthiest patron to a house party. But the more she comes to know the ruggedly handsome war hero, the more she fears revealing her purpose. 

Captain Jack Sharpe excels at seamanship. Navigating politics, however, is an entirely different matter. But despite his lack of polish, he must succeed or fellow naval men will hang. When an intriguing bluestocking ends up in the wrong place, his intuition tells him pursuing her may wreck his course. Still, he’s resolved to try. 

As the unlikely pair find themselves falling for each other, will his past and her determination to keep the bank at any cost end up jeopardizing their future?

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