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Sara Cardon

I crave happily-ever-afters. I have four kids, a dog, and a true-blue husband who laughs at my hero-crush on George Washington. We're putting down roots near Dallas, where there's plenty of wide-open sky, cattle, and sunshine.

5 things about me

1. I have an intense fear of heights. No trips to the Grand Canyon for me, thank you.

2. My first job was in a flower shop. My favorite job was helping put college courses online (back when it was brand new). I loved it because I got to "take" courses like British Government, Anthropology, and School Psychology.

3. I have a soapbox called "compassion." I've always rooted for the underdog. Supporting my son through his challenge with stuttering has been exhausting and rewarding. I have a close bond and cheer twice as loud for each success, hard-won. Hooray for caregivers and nurturers everywhere who hope, pray, and give each day. Little things add up and LOVE's impact is immeasurable.

4. Writing is therapeutic. My mind Ping-Pongs to solve problems. I prefer story problems.


5. What am I most proud of writing? A letter to our superintendent letting him know how grateful we were for our principal and the huge difference he made for our son through some difficult years.

Why I write . . .

Have you ever gotten a question that just threw you?

This was mine:


“So, tell me about yourself.”


I opened my mouth... and had nothing. My kids were little and everything I did was for others. I knew my crazy-important roles (wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend), but couldn’t think of the other stuff. The ME stuff. I was wrung out and soul-stretched.


When I made a list of things I enjoyed, I rediscovered simple joys like reading. I steered towards the upbeat and uplifting, because life can be hard and this world sometimes brings me down, so I need light and happy to balance it out.


My love for creative writing started when a series I loved had a disappointing ending. I rewrote the ending (just for me). It was hard, and not my story to tell. I reached out to authors I admired and read their works before publication, and loved every minute of it. Then my mom said, “You should write.” She gave me a notebook and a book on writing. With that in my hands and her vote of confidence, it became tangible and real.


In 2014 I got to the point when I could say, “ILOVEWRITING.” Out loud.


I'm passionate about words, writing, and stories.

- I joined writers groups (Kansas Writers Association, LDStorymakers)


- critique groups (LDS Beta Readers, DFW Writers, a historical fiction critique group)

- and began attending writing conferences and workshops 

- I devour books on writing, plus over 100 books a year


- I get excited for other authors, give feedback, and cheer them on. Writers make up a generous, supportive community (and the most fun and quirky guides).

- I’ve studied story structure for seven years. I've plotted out entire books by other authors to analyze what they've done right.


- After honing my skills on short stories, I began writing novel length works.


- I aim for solid story structure, character-driven plots, and capturing emotion. I'm a perfectionist, so sharing my work is cringe-worthy hard, but I remind myself it's more important to be real than perfect. I hope to infuse my own personal truths somewhere within the pages - making the hard choice, triumphing over a challenge, and the resonating miracle of love. 

Writing’s an endless puzzle with layers to delve into. I love having a creative and analytical outlet that allows me to branch out as me, and helps me come back to my important roles as a more whole person.

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